Seattle Electric Shock Injury Lawyers

Not all construction injuries occur because of heavy machinery or falls from extreme heights. At Kraft Palmer Davies, PLLC, in Seattle, Washington, we recognize that serious hazards exist everywhere on the worksite, including unsafe electrical hazards that can cause electrical burns and shocks.

The prospect of electrocution exists on a construction site, particularly when unsafe working conditions are the rule and not the exception. For immediate help and aggressive representation, contact us at 206-452-3219 or 866-377-0191.

Representing Electrical Burn Injury Victims — Electrical Hazards of a Construction Site

At Kraft Palmer Davies, PLLC, we are well aware that during a construction project, workers face a risk of electrical burns from explosions or when machinery or other equipment makes contact with overhead power lines. No matter how focused you are on safety, one wrong step could result in serious injury or even electrocution.

Hold Negligent Contractors Accountable for Electrical Burn Injuries

The employer or general contractor may place the blame upon you, claiming that you weren't paying attention or acted carelessly. To make matters more complicated, they may have created an environment of intimidation to discourage workers from seeking medical attention.

We Build an Electrical Burn Case Beyond Workers' Compensation

What they may not want you to know is that Washington state has laws that protect construction workers. Seeking immediate medical attention for your electrical burns or power line injury is a vital first step. Immediately determining the extent of your injury helps your attorney assemble a legal strategy that goes far beyond seeking workers' compensation benefits.

If negligence played a role in your electrical injury, we will seek damages beyond workers' compensation. You have rights. Our job is to protect them.

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