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Cabulance or Disabled Transportation Accident

Many elderly or disabled persons use a cabulance or other disabled transportation to get to medical appointments, community events, the grocery store, local parks, and other places. These passengers have special needs, may be using wheel chairs or walkers, and the companies that transport disabled and elderly passengers have a higher duty to insure safety practices are followed and that these passengers arrive safely to their destinations. Under Washington law, a cabulance or other disabled transportation is considered a “common carrier.” A “common carrier” has a duty to its passengers to exercise the highest degree of care consistent with the practical operation of its type of transportation and any failure of the common carrier to exercise such care is negligence.

If you or a family member sustained an injury during transport, we offer a free consultation to assist you in finding out if you have a valid claim. We carefully investigate the facts of each claim to make certain that we only bring legitimate claims after a cabulance or disabled transportation injury. Whether the injury occurred because the patient was dropped, a motor vehicle accident caused the incident, an assault occurred during transport, or the patient was not properly secured during transport, we can help investigate these accidents and obtain the compensation you or your family member needs.