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Case Examples

Examples of Construction Workers We Have Helped

Construction SiteWhen a worker is seriously injured on a construction site, he or she deserves to have a law firm working on their case that has experience with construction injury cases and understands the equipment and issues involved. For decades, our lawyers have represented construction workers and their families in a variety of complex cases involving injuries on construction sites. It’s our passion to represent these hard working people and help them recover from serious injuries. The following are just some examples of some of the cases our lawyers have handled:

  • Ironworker electrocuted when he touched a load of rebar attached to a crane while the crane boom was contacting high voltage power lines – no spotter was used;
  • Construction worker crushed when an overloaded crane dropped a load on the worker;
  • Construction worker sustained broken neck when a heavy equipment operator dropped a tree on him without warning;
  • We have represented a number of workers injured in falls due to the lack of safety lines or harnesses in use on the job site, including a worker who sustained paraplegia from a broken neck due to a fall, another suffering severe internal injuries after being impaled on an unguarded piece of rebar (required plastic rebar cap), and a number of other workers with a variety of back and ankle fractures after falls.
  • A concrete pump operator who was electrocuted when his pump boom was guided into an unmarked power line;
  • We have represented a number of construction workers who were injured when they fell through unguarded holes in the floor of sites, including a worker who broke his back and was a paraplegic, another worker who herniated a cervical disc and fractured his ankle and required multiple surgeries, another drove a scissor lift into a hole and turned it over and sustained back and psychological injuries;
  • A worker who sustained closed head injuries and back injuries after a loose board gave way on scaffolding;
  • A sheet metal worker who fell off a metal duct when he was shocked by bare electrical wires, leaving entry and exit wounds, and sustaining back and neurological injuries;
  • A construction worker who was hit in the head by a falling manlift door and sustained multiple head, spinal and limb fractures;
  • A construction worker who was struck by a falling garbage chute and pulled over the side of the Kingdome and left dangling, and he suffered severe shoulder, back and psychological injuries;
  • An iron worker who sustained a serious head injury when working in a powered lift and was struck with a steel truss;
  • An iron worker who fell through an unguarded hole in the roof of a building during demolition activities at a oil refinery and sustained career-ending injuries to his shoulder.