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Merchant Mariner and Cargo Injuries

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At Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC, we are proud to represent the hard-working men and women working on U.S. flagged vessels for the merchant marine sailing all over the world, Puget Sound, Alaska, the Pacific Coast, East Coast, Great Lakes, and the inland trades. Over the years we have represented many seamen from the Seafarers International Union with offices in Tacoma, Washington and throughout the country. Our nationally-recognized maritime injury lawyers accept cases representing blue water seaman, tankermen, and other mariners working on all ships, including claims against the following companies:

  • American Classic Voyages
  • American Steamship
  • American President Lines
  • Bay Ship Management
  • Crowley Maritime
  • Central Gulf
  • Dyn Marine
  • Energy Transport
  • Kirby Corporation
  • Liberty Maritime
  • Maersk
  • Maritime Overseas
  • Matson Navigation
  • Ocean Shipping
  • Sea-Land
  • Transoceanic Shipping
  • Waterman Steamship

Your Rights Under the Jones Act

Under the Jones Act, a seaman may bring a claim for injuries sustained while in the service of the vessel. The Jones Act allows a seaman to make recovery for lost wages, lost earning capacity, economic losses, past and future unpaid medical expenses, the cost of retraining, damages for pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and other damages depending on the specific circumstances of your case. The right to damages is not automatic and only an experienced maritime injury lawyer can advise a merchant mariner on what damages are available in their specific case.

Maintenance, Cure & Unearned Wages

Maintenance. When a seaman is injured, becomes ill, or aggravates an illness or injury in the service of the vessel, the mariner is entitled to maintenance, cure, and unearned wages. Maintenance is a daily stipend to cover room-and-board expenses while on land recovering from the injury or illness. The amount of your maintenance payments may be set by your collective bargaining agreement with Seafarers International Union or other union. You are entitled to maintenance as long as you are getting curative medical treatment that is improving your condition. When you reach the point of maximum medical cure from the condition, the company may stop maintenance payments.

Medical Cure. Cure is simply payment of your medical expenses. You are entitled to see any doctor of your choice and do not have to see a physician selected by the company. You are entitled to payment of your reasonable and necessary medical expenses billed by your medical provider.

Unearned Wages. Unearned wages is payment of your regular wages until the end of the voyage or contract. The duration of unearned wages may depend on your collective bargaining agreement.

If you have questions about your right to receive maintenance, cure, or unearned wages, please contact one of our experienced maritime injury lawyers for a free consultation. We’d like to hear from you.

Millions Recovered and Over 65 Years of Experience Representing Mariners

With over 65 years of combined experience representing injured mariners and millions of dollars recovered to help injured workers, our law firm is prepared to handle any maritime injury case and obtain the maximum compensation the law allows. We offer highly individualized service in our Seattle-based offices and have the resources and experience to effectively prosecute your maritime injury claim.

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We offer a free consultation at your home, in our offices, or by telephone to discuss the specific facts of your case. By consulting with one of our experienced maritime injury lawyers, you will gain important information to decide whether you should pursue a claim and what your claim may be worth so that you can begin to rebuild your life after a serious injury.