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Natural Gas Explosions

Natural Gas Explosions: Hire Experienced Washington State Lawyers Who Know the Law

You owe it to yourself to find out if your injury was caused by someone’s negligence. If you or a family member has been injured by a natural gas explosion, you need a law firm that has the experience and the resources needed to conduct a comprehensive investigation to find out how and why the explosion took place. The lawyers at Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC are ready, willing and able to help you. We can determine who is responsible for causing the explosion and who should be liable to you for your losses.

How Dangerous Natural Gas Leaks Occur and are Recognized

Construction Site ExplosionBecause natural gas is colorless and odorless, gas companies add the chemical mercaptan to the natural gas in order to give it a “rotten egg” smell that people may detect in the event of a natural gas leak. If natural gas leaks and collects inside a building, any flame or spark (even flipping on a light switch) may ignite the gas and cause an explosion. Such leaks can be caused by negligence in the design, construction, maintenance, or repair of natural gas equipment and systems.

Most outdoor natural gas pipes are buried under ground, and since natural gas is lighter than air, if a delivery pipe is compromised, the leaking natural gas will rise up through the soil. In addition to the “rotten egg” smell, discolored vegetation, blowing dirt, and bubbling water can be signs of an outdoor gas leak. Such leaks are most often caused by people who negligently conduct digging operations without first verifying whether or not natural gas lines are present.

Insurance Companies Play Hardball and Settle for Less if You Let Them Get Away with It

Whether you have been injured due to faulty equipment or due to the negligent rupture of a natural gas pipeline, do not assume that the responsible parties and their insurance companies will treat you fairly. Some will attempt to persuade you to cover your losses through your own insurance company. Under the law, those who caused your injuries should be responsible for compensating you for your losses, but you will likely have to hire a lawyer to make sure that they do so. Our law firm only represents injured persons and we are passionate about making certain that our clients’ rights are protected.

Don’t call a Law Firm and Talk to an Assistant – Call Us and Talk to a Real Lawyer

If you have called law firms seeking legal advice, during the first contact you probably never got past speaking to an office assistant. When you contact Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC, you can expect to be connected with an experienced personal injury lawyer, who will speak directly to you about your case. The lawyer will ask you what happened to you and about the seriousness of your injuries and treatment. If a face-to-face appointment is requested and scheduled, you can expect that our lawyer will interview you for approximately an hour, and there will be no charge to you for this initial free, no obligation consultation. If at that point you choose to hire us, we will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the explosion, and review your medical treatment records to assess the injuries you sustained and determine the potential value of your claims. When the investigation is complete, you can expect to meet or speak to our lawyer again about the merits of your personal injury claim and whether a lawsuit needs to be filed.

When It Comes to Explosion Cases, We Know How to Get the Job Done

Our track record of verdicts and settlements speaks to our experience handling serious injury and fatality cases. We dig deep to find liable parties and help injury victims and their next of kin to obtain the compensation needed to pay medical expenses, lost wages, and full and fair restitution for other losses like pain, suffering and disability.

We are a Seattle-based law firm, but we represent injured workers from all over the state, in every county and federal court in Washington. If you hire Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC, you will pay us no fee unless we win financial compensation for you!

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